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The Breakers at Yamba

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The Byron Breakers really showed their commitment to the North Coast Interclub Series on Sunday Dec 8 at Yamba. The determination of some particular members to make the finish was truly remarkable. Check out these amazing results!

20-24m 1:06:32 Duncan Andrews 1st. 16-17m 1:11:32 Matthew Tapping 1st. 35-39f 1:14:43 Paivi Hanninen 2nd. 55-59m 1:15:51 Huw Jones 5th. 25-29m 1:16:26 Danny Rossi 3rd. 30-35f 1:21:21 Daniela Costa 1st. 55-59f 1:21:36 Deb Fuller 1st. 30-34f 1:23:18 Jess Schaffer 2nd. 55-59f 1:26:21 Robyn Darke 2nd. 55-59f 1:32:17 Claire O’Meara 3rd. 55-59m 1:32:20 Greg O’Meara 13th. 55-59f 1:33:01 Dan Van Zuylen 4th. 25-29f 1:37:01 Giulia Scurria 7th. 70-74m 1:43:19 Peter Clarke 3rd. 65-69f 1:45:00 Nerida Clarke 1st.

Our swim coach Andy Kean (swimmer & cyclist) & Becky Jones (runner) took out 2nd place in the mixed team. Sandra Killen took out 1st place in the 60-65 enticer event!


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