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Spreading Our Wings

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Written by Db*

Last weekend, the club unfurled its wings, stretching their influence along the east coast. The journey commenced in Hervey Bay on Saturday, with the exhilarating HB50 event - 1km swim, 40km bike and 9km run. Sunday unfolded in unison, with most members fiercely contending for North Coast Interclub Points at Kingscliff while a daring few embraced the challenge of suffering in Paradise for the HB100 - a 2km swim, 80km cycle and 18km run.

First cab off the rank was the Hervey Bay 50 Results held on Sat.

Irvin Evans 3rd M45-49 2:19:07

Christie Horsley 7th F40-44 2:26:44

Deb Fuller 2nd F60-64 2:26:50

Margreet Wiegers 11th F40-44 2:48:55

Benz unfortunately DNF

Team Knight Riders (commonly known as the Jones) 2:26:37 8th mixed team

On Sunday Kingscliff became a theatre of triumph as the 2nd North Coast Interclub race unfolded, adorning numerous podiums. Jaime Cascajares and Cara Brisbane shared the spotlight, securing a remarkable 2nd place overall among the male competitors, while the talented Cara earned her place as the FIRST female overall. The rest of the Breakers persisted in casting their brilliance - as usual 😉

Here are the results for the:

Standard Triathlon 1.5km swim - 40km cycle - 10km run

Gracie Richter 3rd 25-29 2:33:54

Beatrice Wall 2nd 35-39 2:40:01

Zvi Azimov 26th 35-39 2:46:04

Sprint Distance 750m swim - 20km cycle - 5km run

Jaime Cascajares 1st 40-44 57:54

David Mildren 2nd 45-49 1:02:28

Cara Brisbane 1st 40-44 1:07:04

Filippo Orsini 5th 30-34 1:08:36

Nick Engerer 8th 35-39 1:09:10

Caroline Hogan 3rd 40-44 1:13:26

Luke Byfield 11th 25-29 1:15:03

Aoife Gannon 8th 25-29 1:16:41

Mick Donnelly 8th 55-59 1:17:57

Claire O’Meara 3rd 60-64 1:20:21

Charlie Azzopardi 5th 60-64 1:21:59

Sandra Killen 1st 65-69 1:21:21

Joana Sponsel 19th 30-34 1:22:23

Peter Clarke 2nd 75-79 1:30:35

Nerida Clarke 2nd 70-74 1:42:09

Now, as Sunday morning unfolded for the sufferers to take centre stage we introduce Simon May, a novice navigating the uncharted waters of his inaugural long-distance triathlon. Amidst the daunting 2km swim, an 80km cycle and an 18km run awaiting him, May couldn’t escape a twinge of apprehension. Fate played its hand prematurely, as a sudden tyre blowout down the first hill at a daring 60km per hour, curtailed his journey.

Enter Larissa Whitton, a debutante in long-distances too who, despite confessing to a five-hour journey to Hervey Bay laced with tears, defied the odds. Her triumphant sprint to the finish line mirrored the finesse of this seasoned athlete.

Robyn Darke, a glutton for suffering, returned for another bout, having savoured the agony the previous year. Despite her dramatic declarations of dying on the run, she surged to the finish line, seizing a remarkable 2nd place.

Here are the results for these brave sufferers.

Larissa Whitton 6th 30-35 5:06:42

Robyn Darke 2nd 60-64 5:37:19

Simon May sadly didn’t finish the bike or run - next time Simon. Perhaps save it for the Tweed Enduro in Feb!

Congratulations to all our members for getting out there last weekend for the HB50, Kingscliff Tri & HB100. A big thanks to all the supporters, race sponsors and race organisers.

Pics to follow however here is one Elize took of Jaime storming home at Kingscliff.


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