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A Triumphant Kickoff at Yamba

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Written by Db*

Yamba basked in glory today as it hosted the inaugural triathlon race of the 23/24 North Coast Interclub Series, unveiling a day of impeccable conditions that set the stage for a spectacular showcase of swimming, cycling, and running. Organized by NX Sports, with the invaluable support of the Yamba Tri Club, its sponsors, and the welcoming locals, the event unfolded seamlessly in this idyllic coastal town.

The morning dawned with an air of anticipation as The Byron Breakers geared up for the challenges that lay ahead. Yamba's waters, transformed into a thrilling arena for the swimming leg of the triathlon.

As competitors transitioned from water to land, the light winds that gently hit the coastline made the journey a pleasant contrast to the usual gusty conditions en route to Angourie. The Breakers, undeterred by the occasional potholes, found them to be minor obstacles in comparison to the challenges posed by Byron.

The slight cloud cover played a crucial role too. This trifecta of elements—calm waters, light winds, and a touch of cloud—created a synergy that made Yamba the perfect stage for our first race of the season

Heartfelt appreciation to NX Sports, the Yamba Tri Club, sponsors, and the warm-hearted locals who opened their doors to the event. The collective effort of these organisers and supporters transformed Yamba into a hub of health, fitness, and friendly competition. And a huge THANKYOU to our club supporters Becky, John, Joana, Darren and Nyss. You're Special!

With the first race in the books, we've tried hard to set the bar high for what lies ahead in this series. Outstanding performances by Jaime 3rd male and David 8th males overall. Top 10 females overall were Cara 2nd, Christie 7th and Gracie 8th.

SPRINT Triathlon Results 750m swim-20km cycle - 5km run

Jaime Cascajares 1st 40-44M 1:04:46

David Mildren 2nd 45-49M 1:08:15

Cara Brisbane 1st 40-44W 1:16:05

Huw Jones 1st 60-64M 1:18:05

Nick Engerer 8th 35-39M 1:19:22

Christie Horsley 4th 40-44W 1:21:41

Gracie Richter 1st 25-29W 1:21:44

Geoff Bensley 4th 55-59M 1:23:51

Deborah Fuller 1st 60-64W 1:24:10

Caroline Hogan 5th 40-44W 1:24:53

Robyn Darke 3rd 60-64W 1:29:22

Aoife Gannon 4th 25-29W 1:29:57

Claire O'Meara 4th 60-64W 1:32:39

Sandra Killen 3rd 65-69W 1:36:03

Peter Clarke 1st 70-74M 1:44:01

Nerida Clarke 1st 70-74W 1:52:52

TEMPTA Results 300m swim - 10km cycle - 2.5km run

Rhonda Knight 1st 50-54 50:59 (first triathlon)


Andy Kean & Irvin Evans all male team 2nd place 1:10:26

Margreet Wiegers and the female team 1st place 1:18:01


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