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Top of the Wave

The Byron Breakers are riding high after the recent successes at the Kingscliff Triathon in January. The Breakers have shot to the top of the North Coast Interclub ladder. Here are the results from the Trial Bay Triathlon at South West Rocks on Sunday 13th February 2022. It was a challenging course with the longest transition run with a bike they've experienced to date.

Jaime Cascajares 1st M35-39 1hr21:30s - 8th overall, what more can we say!

Paivi Hanninen 1st F35-39 1:28:34 - Overall female winner

Huw Jones 1st M55-59 1:33:41 - no longer the bridesmaid

Joni Karonen 7th M40-44 1:37:57 - back from a long retirement

Nick Alessio 9th M30-34 1:38:27 - now means business

Nick Engerer 15th M35-39 1:47:02 - mechanical with the bike

Robyn Darke 3rd F60-65 1:47:20 - in great running form

Geoff Bensley 8th M55-59 1:47:44 - needs to sort out his bike

Deborah Fuller 4th F55-59 1:51:10 - recovering from a broken foot

Charlie Azzopardi 13th M55-59 1:54:43 - 2nd race for Charlie

Sandra Killen 1st F65-69 1:54:57 - always a champion

Claire O'Meara 6th F55-59 1:56:08 - focusing on long courses

Greg O'Meara 15th M55-59 1:59:24 - back from a break

Peter Clarke 3rd M70-74 2:06:05 - suffering from a few minor injuries

Nerida Clarke 1st F70-74 2:11:26 - in great form as usual


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