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And they're off racing

YAMBA TRIATHLON - 5th Dec 2021

What a fantastic start to the North Coast Interclub Series and its hard to believe this will be our 4th series! Amongst all the crazy storm conditions we woke up to ideal racing conditions in Yamba. Not too hot or too sunny, just the right amount of cloud for running although it was a tad windy during the bike leg. Everyone put in an amazing effort. A big congratulations to all who participated and especially Jaime who was 3rd outright and Paivi 4th female overall. What superstars! Even Huw dragged himself out of bed to race ensuring we got the points. That's worth an award in itself. Benz had his own competition going on. He didn't care about the club points. His focus was to beat Deb Fuller. Sadly this didn't happen, even with a broken foot! Next year Benz. Don't give up. Thanks to all who participated in our social events during the weekend and perhaps we may need to include a Ten Pin practice into our program-ha! It looks like it's going to be a tough battle in this series. To read the race wrap up check out the post written by Triathlon NSW

Check out the results

1st 35-39m Jaimie 1:06:06, 3rd outright

1st 35-39f Paivi 1:14:45, 4th female overall

2nd 30-34m Danny boy 1:15:32

12th 35-39m Will 1:20:42.

2nd 55-59m Huw 1:20:43

15th 35-39m Nick E 1:22:47

2nd 55-59f Deb 1:25:04

2nd 20-24f Brooke 1:27:24

10th 40-44m Liam 1:27:24

7th 55-59m Benz 1:28:37

4th 60-65w Robyn 1:29:04

4th 55-59w Claire 1:33:32

1st 65-69w Sandra 1:35:32

Team male 9th Andy & Greg 1:23:48.

I won't list the ten pin bowling scores as they are too horrific!


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