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Success at South West

What an incredible way to kick off the year! Going away with the team is always an absolute blast. Last weekend at South West Rocks, we had a fantastic group of 21 members who joined in on the excitement. Amidst the rides, oceans dips, meals out, ten pin bowling and exploring the local sights, we even managed to squeeze in a thrilling sprint distance triathlon. It was an action-packed adventure that always leaves us with fond memories.

A big thanks to our supporters Benz, Beck and Claudia and a BIG congratulations to Thalita for completing her very first triathlon.

750m swim/30km cycle/5km run - check out our amazing results, almost everyone in the top 10.

Jaime C 1:21:58 1st 40-44m

David M 1:23:45 2nd 45-49m

Irvin E 1:32:43 6th 45-49m

Filippo O 1:32:55 2nd 30-34m

Will G 1:34:58 9th 40-44m

Nick E 1:35:04 6th 35-39m

Huw J 1:35:15 2nd 60-64m

Mark S 1:36:47 7th 50-54m

Gracie R 1:38:50 1st 25-29f

Christie H 1:39:21 2nd 40-45f

Deb F 1:44:51 1st 60-64f

Robyn D 1:50:18 2nd 60-64f

Claire O 1:51:28 3rd 60-64f

Margreet W 1:55:25 9th 40-44f

Charlie A 1:57:16 10th 60-64m

Thalita P 2:03:14 8th 35-39f

Peter C 2:06:46 3rd 75-79m

Nerida C 2:15:36 1st 70-74f

Joana S 2:17:37 11th 30-34f


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