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May Day

Updated: May 10, 2022

The Byron Bay Triathlon Festival Sat 7th and Sun 8th May 2022

Wow, what a weekend. Where to begin. It was a shaky start. The Floods, the Bluesfest aftermath, Covid spreading, the rain and the strong sweep close to shore. It was the first time we as a club were hosting a State Championship Triathlon event. Luckily the Byron Surf Life Savers gave the thumbs up for a safe swim on Sat morning and it was all systems go!

Despite the low numbers and a few hiccups the event was a tremendous success. A big shout out of thanks to NX Sports, the volunteers, the local community, the Byron Shire Council and the club for making this happen. In addition, Geoff Bensley and his team worked so hard and made the transition flow brilliantly. The Triathlon, after Stone & Wood after party, Mothers Day Charity run made it a superb weekend.

Whilst many club members were suffering from the floods or Covid every member who participated were a top 10 finisher. The female 35+ group were sent out like guinea pigs in the first wave only to discover the current too strong to make the first buoy. Some persisted while others decided to head back in and start again. Regardless of the swim difficulty their results were outstanding. Jaime had a hard task after recovering from the virus and trying to keep up with a Pro Triathlete in his age group. Our hearts go out to Paivi, Joni, Joana & Greg who trained for this event only to succumb to the lergy! And what a performance by Danny Rossi, Claire & Sandra who have not been able to train and got out there regardless. So brave!

*There is an adjustment to be done with the results in the 35-39M age group due to a DQ in 5th place therefore these competitors will head up the ladder by one place. Congratulations Byron Breakers you absolutely shone out there and if our calculations are right scored 26 points for the North Coast Interclub Series.

35-39M 2nd Jaime Cascajares 1:05:08

30-34M 2nd Greg Allan 1:06:03

50-54M 8th Mark Stephen 1:13:54

35-39M 8th Zvi Azimov 1:14:09

35-39M 9th Will Glasson 1:15:03

30-34M 8th Nick Alessio 1:16:38

30-34M 9th Danny Rossi 1:17:11

55-59M 1st Huw Jones 1:17:14

35-39m 10th Nick Engerer 1:17:39

55-59F 1st Deborah Fuller 1:20:35

60-65F 3rd Robyn Darke 1:27:41

55-59F 6th Claire O'Meara 1:33:32

70-74M 2nd Peter Clarke 1:35:56

65-69F 2nd Sandra Killen 1:39:13

70-74F 1st Nerida Clarke 1:44:58

The Preparation

The Fun

The After Fun

The Club After Party

Thank you to our wonderful hosts Peter & Nerida and Beck & Huw for providing all the French Champagne we could possibly drink!


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