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Hard to Endure - Mar 2021

Tweed Enduro Race report by Huw Jones

Last Saturday an embattled group from the Byron Tri Club headed north to Pottsville for the 2021 Tweed Enduro event on 5th March after 3 key members of the club, Deb, Paivi and Robyn unfortunately all had to pull out within weeks of the event due to mystery illnesses. Foul-play by another club in the Forager North Coast League has not been ruled out.

This was a big event and a world qualifier with over 900 entrants in the 2 events. We had 4 brave souls in the Enduro - Claire, Leonie, Tom and Nick - and 8 in the Sprint.

Whilst Leonie was an experienced long courser and Claire was backing up last years event, it was going to be a particularly momentous day for Tom and Nick who were both Enduro-virgins.

Rain showers and strong winds were forecast but thankfully the rain largely stayed away and the 44km/h winds did not eventuate. Fortunately, the temperature was also kind at around 25 degrees.

What was less kind was having to start the swim in the dark (note to self – don’t wear tinted goggles next time), although the torrent flowing down the river meant the swim was thankfully relatively short.

Hats off to all our Enduroists for smashing the course and finishing in style. Special mention to everyone: To Leonie for coming 2nd in her age group – what a fantastic result. To Tom and Nick – the training you did together obviously paid off as you came in within 12 minutes of each other – and most importantly you just completed your first half-ironman!!!! And Claire, amazing achievement… but are you mad? Why would you do another one – didn’t you learn the first time?

The sprinters performed strongly with two firsts and three seconds – just a shame the results don’t count towards the league. Special congrats to Tim for his first 1st – amazing achievement in his debut triathlon season. And also to Will the “Quiet Achiever” as I think this was also his first 1st. And kudos also goes to Giulia for winning The Most Elegant Finish of the whole event, after her not one, but two jumping side-kicks on the finish line. She knows how to bring a smile to the faces of the volunteers and supporters. Just hope the official photographer captured the moment.

In big news, the friendly rivalry between Huw and Tom continued with Huw finishing a whopping 3 hours 37 minutes ahead of Tom.

Big commiserations to Deb and Robyn for not being able to do their first long course event after doing all the hard training. But just think how fit you will be for the Byron Olympic! And commiserations also to Coach Paivi for not being able to do her nth long course event (where n is a large number). We hope you all get better very soon – and with a bit of luck in time for Kingscliff.

A huge thanks as usual to the BOSS members (in age order) Robyn, Becky, Joni, Paivi, Sarah, Indie, Luna and Jess for the very vocal support. I am sure it made a big difference for the Enduroists on that horrible last lap of the run course.

Lastly, it was with great sadness to hear of the passing of one of the Enduro athletes who became seriously ill during the run leg. This was a tragic event which will hugely affect a lot of people, including family and friends, the whole Armidale Triathlon Club, the organisers of the Tweed Enduro and those athletes who unfortunately were unable to complete their first Enduro after the race was stopped. I am sure our thoughts go out to everyone affected.


4:53:26 30-34M Tom Phillips24th

5:06:35 30-34M Nicholas Alessio 29th

5:21:35 55-59F Leonie Pedrazzini 2nd

6:19:17 55-59F Claire O’Meara 7th


1:15:28 55-59M Huw Jones 2nd

1:17:53 30-34M Tim Waller 1st

1:18:20 30-34M Danny Rossi 2nd

1:19:32 35-39M Will Glasson 1st

1:21:51 30-34F Daniela Costa 2nd

1:27:2920-24F Brook Ferguson 4th

1:34:0355-59M Greg O’Meara 12th

1:41:4025-29F Giulia Scurria 7th


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