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Competitions all round at Yamba in Dec 20

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The Yamba Triathlon Festival never disappoints and whilst there were a few minor Covid restrictions this didn't stop us from having lots of fun. We were there for the NX Sports triathlon event however the real competition was at ten pin bowling, mini golf and to see who could jump the highest into the rockpools at Angourie! Thank you to all the Yamba residents, businesses and triathlon supporters for making us feel so welcome in your town. And lastly a HUGE thanks you to our very own club supporters John, Becky, Jess, Sara & Indi. Here are the results for the 750m ocean swim, 20km bike ride and 5km fun (in order of time)

1:11:44 30-34M Tom Phillips 2nd

1:15:50 55-59M Huw Jones 4th

1:17:50 35-39F Paivi Hanninen 1st

1:25:04 30-34M Tim Waller 12th

1:25:32 55-59F Deb Fuller 3rd

1:27:21 55-59M Geoff Bensley 15th

1:31:29 60-64F Sandra Killen 2nd

1:34:47 25-29F Giulia Scurria 7th

1:36:26 55-59F Claire O/Meara 7th

1:36:55 55-59M Greg O'Meara 17th

1:44:52 65-69 Nerida Clarke 1st


48:07 60-65F Barb Jensen 1st

Here's a snap shot of the fun we had


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