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Braving the Elements

Updated: May 18

A Recap of the Challenging Yet Rewarding Triathlon Event - Byron Bay Tri Sat 11th May

The recent triathlon event held in Byron Bay was a true test of endurance and determination for all participants. Despite the beautiful check-in evening under the starlit sky, the event morning brought unexpected challenges as heavy rain poured down, creating cold and miserable conditions. The daunting sight of the ocean, with its strong current making it difficult to reach and see the first buoy, added to the initial apprehension felt by us athletes.

Navigating through mud in transition areas and encountering huge puddles on the run course only added to the physical and mental challenges. Cycling became a test of focus and resilience as the rain stung our eyes, making it hard to see the road ahead. However, the familiarity with the course, the support of the Byron Tri club vollies managing transitions, and the overwhelming presence of supporters provided a much-needed boost to the spirits.

Despite the adverse conditions, the results of the event were nothing short of impressive. The Byron Breakers showcased their grit and determination, pushing through the obstacles to achieve remarkable feats and gaining maximum points again for the North Coast Interclub League.

Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding performance and unwavering dedication, especially the supporters on the day and most importantly our volunteers who managed transition with precision. A shout out to our club transition vollies Kylie G, Jaime C, Larissa W, Mark S, Claire O, Jess S, Andy K, Becky J, John K, John C, Ashleigh M, Jarrod F, John R, Jason T, Marco G. Without you the triathlon wouldn't have run as smoothly.

Sprint Distance Triathlon NSW State Championships 750m swim 20km cycle 5km run

Jaime Cascajares* 1:12:12 1st 40-44m

Greg Allan* 1:15:03 2nd 35-39m

Filippo Orsini* 1:16:39 4th 30-34m

Cara Brisbane 1:20:31 1st 40-44f

Will Glasson 1:20:56 2nd 40-44m

Huw Jones* 1:23:23 1st 60-64m

Gracie Richter 1:23:40 2nd 25-29

Christie Horsley 1:24:03 3rd 40-44f

Geoff Bensley* 1:25:46 3rd 55-59m

Mick Donnelly 1:29:13 5th 55-59m

Deb Fuller* 1:29:25 1st 60-64f

Mark Stephan 1:29:45 10th 50-54m

Thalita Borges 1:40:32 7th 35-39f

Joana Sponsel 1:44:12 6th 30-34f

Sandra Killen 1:44:20 2nd 65-69f

Peter Clarke* 1:49:10 1st 75-79m

Annie Pellatt 1:51:33 18th 35-39f

Nerida Clarke* 1:54:55 1st 70-74f

  • Triathlon NSW State Champion

Olympic Distance 1.5km Swim - 40km Cycle - 10km Run

Rob Rambaldi 2:09:29

Atsushi Yunagida 2:34:45 1st 45-49m

Larissa Whitton 2:44:48 2nd 30-34f

Eric Blyth-Elvin 2:52:23 29th 35-39m

Female Olympic Team

The Momos Female - Margreet Weigers cyclist 1st place

Friends of Byron Tri Club

Scotty Sewell 1:18:35

Callum Whitehead 1:26:38

Kivan Gwynne 1:26:29

Elize Strydom 1:27:43

Adam Wicks 1:30:12

Pics provided by Nick Engerer who decided not to race


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