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The North Coast Interclub League

The TNSW Regional Interclub Competition is divided into nine regions throughout NSW. Each of the nine regions has its own Regional Interclub Series, consisting of clubs and an event calendar unique to that specific region. Clubs will accumulate points through their members participation and performance at events listed on their Regional Interclub Series Calendar. These series will include both professional and club delivered races chosen strategically due to their location and popularity amongst our membership. Clubs affiliated with Triathlon NSW will accumulate participation and performance points and the points will be tallied up at the conclusion of a race, and the online ladder board will be updated. Clubs in NSW will compete for the title of ‘Regional Club Champion’ against the other clubs in their region.

Athletes can also compete for the title of MVP (most valuable player) at their club and their region by accumulating performance points. The regional athlete championship will be in age group categories, the club athlete championship will be across all age groups.

The main information our members need to know is ensure they are including the correct Triathlon Australia membership number and the first name and surname matches their TA membership, along with the club. The North Coast consists of the following clubs

1 Byron Breakers

2 Clarence Valley Stingrays

3 Coffs Harbour Rockets

4 Hat Head Hammerheads-

5 Grafton Bull Sharks

6 Ballina Seahorses

7 Tweed Valley Volcanoes


Points are allocated for participation and performance as such:

Participation Points

  • 5% of club members race and finish = 3 participation points

  • 10% of club members race and finish = 6 participation points

  • 20% of club members race and finish = 9 participation points

Participation Point Rules

  • A clubs membership number is calculated as the number of members aged 12+ from the end of the May 31 of the previous season.

  • If 5%, 10% or 20% of a clubs membership is not a whole number, the required participant amount is rounded to the nearest whole number e.g 10% of a 64 member club = 6.4 members – therefore the club requires 6 members to race and finish for 6 points. 10% of a 67 member club = 6.7 members – therefore the club requires 7 members to race and finish for 6 points.

  • Smaller clubs with less than 20 members will be measured for participation points as if they are a club of 20 members.

  • If a clubs required participation is calculated as one member for both 5% and 10%, an extra required participant is added to the 10% requirement, meaning they would need two participants.

  • Athletes who compete at two distances over an event weekend e.g. Sprint Duathlon on Saturday, Standard Triathlon on Sunday will count twice towards their Clubs Participation Point tally.

Performance points

1st 2 Points

2nd 1.5 Points

3rd 1.5 Points

4th 1 Point

5th 1 Point

6th 0.5 Point

7th 0.5 Point

8rd 0.5 Point

9th 0.5 Point

10th 0.5 Point

Max Out

Clubs can earn a maximum of 30 points at each event of the Regional Interclub Series.


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