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5 down and 2 to go

Updated: Mar 26

Today was race number 5 for the North Coast Interclub Series. Unlike the challenging conditions faced at the Tweed Enduro last month, participants at the Kingscliff Triathlon were greeted with a refreshing overcast sky and cooler weather. The swim, with its rolling start and tide assistance, provided a smooth start to the race. Despite a light drizzle during the bike leg, it was a pleasant albeit congested ride. The scenic run through the picturesque seaside town of Kingscliff added to the overall charm of this amazing event. Thank you to the Kingy community, NX Sports and all the volunteers who ensure our race is the best it can be. A HUGE thank you to our supporters today Huw, Beck, Benz, John, Darren, Larissa, Jarred and to our charming Charlie @reelpix who will provide his quality pics.

Our members once again showcased their incredible talent at the event, with Filippo leading the charge in the sprint category, finishing 6th overall among the male participants. Cara Brisbane also put on an impressive performance, narrowly missing out on being the first sprint breaker home by just 52 seconds. Cara was 7th female overall

Amidst the fierce competition in the standard distance category, Jaime, despite feeling flat, delivered an outstanding performance by finishing 2nd in his age group and 11th overall.

As many breakers ascend the ranks, take a look at their impressive results below

Sprint 750 swim - 20km Cycle - 5km run

Filippo Orsini 6th 30-34m 1:08:06

Cara Brisbane 1st 40-44w 1:08:58 7th female

Will Glasson 5th 40-44m 1:11:50

Gracie Richter 1st 25-29w 1:13:23

Mark Stephen 5th 50-54m 1:13:54

Caroline Hogan 4th 40-44w 1:15:03

Mick Donnelly 9th 55-59m 1:18:03

Deborah Fuller 1st 60-64w 1:19:15

Robyn Darke 2nd 60-64w 1:21:24

Sandra Killen 2nd 65-69w 1:24:32

Charlie Azzopardi 6th 60-64m 1:24:59

Aoife Gannon 14th 25-29w 1:26:17

Margreet Wiegers 10th 40-44w 1:26:39

Thalita Borges 14th 35-39w 1:27:17

Peter Clarke 2nd 75-79m 1:32:32

Joana Sponsel 23rd 30-34w 1:33:47

Nerida Clarke 2nd 70-74w 1:43:07

Standard 1.5km swim - 40km cycle - 10km run

Jaime Cascajares 2nd 40-44m 2:09:23

John Rueth 10th 40-44m 2:28:22

Simon May 6th 50-54m 2:28:52

Will Bennett 10th 50-54m 2:34:34

Leonie Pedrazzini 1st 60-64w 2:52:29

Special mention goes to the talented junior Jett Beck who is always on the podium. Not only did he win his age group 14-15 male but was 7th overall out of 554 sprinters. What a champion 💪 Congratulations Jett and sister Coco who also won her age group in the 14 year AG. 👏🏻


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