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Our silence has been broken

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Very windy conditions today for the first race of the 2020/21 Interclub series, however this did not stop the Byron crew from bursting out post Covid. Fantastic performances today at the Kingscliff Triathlon and lots of fun. Congratulations team Byron. Here are the results in order of time. Thanks to our supporters and in particular our photographer Ashleigh Martin. AND to check out how we are positioned in the NSW Triathlon Interclub Series read this

Tom Philips 1:07:50 7th 30-34M

Huw Jones 1:09:10 2nd 55-59M

Danny Wills 1:09:18 8th 45-49M

Paivi Hanninen 1:10:28 2nd 35-39

Will Glasson 1:14:32 13th 35-39M

Nick Alessio 1:14:57 18th 30-34M

Tim Waller 1:15:20 19th 30-34M (Tri debut)

Deb Fuller 1:16:28 3rd 55-59W

Chris Chetham 1:17:10 10th 55-59M

Robyn Darke 1:21:53 5th 55-59W

Sandra Killen 1:22:42 2nd 60-64W

Giulia Scurria 1:22:50 10th 25-29W

Greg O'Meara 1:24:57 16th 55-59M

Claire O'Meara 1:28:07 9th 55-59W

Danielle Van Zuylen 1:34:48 11th 55-59W

Nerida Clarke 1:36:37 3rd 65-69W

Peter Clarke DNF


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