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Endurorists Battle it out at Pottsville

The virus certainly wasn't on anyone's minds for the sold out event at the Tweed Enduro on Saturday 7th Mar 2020. Competitors came from all over Australia including Darwin, Townsville, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney, as well as all the triathlon clubs along the east coast. There were some outstanding results produced by the Byron Tri Club who wiped the floor for the Sprint distance however this shouldn't overshadow the great achievements of the members who completed their very first long course. In total eleven members were on the podium with 6 first places, 3 second and 2 third places. Duncan Andrews was the third fastest athlete completing the sprint in 1 hour 7 mins and 55 seconds. The windy conditions on the bike and humidity during the run wasn't a deterant for these fierce competitors. The Enduro long course was race no.4 of the North Coast Interclub series as well as a UCI world qualifier event. Due to the recent water quality issues the swim course was shortened to 1.7km however the extra running distance to and from transition plus the 90km cycle and 21km run was tough enough. Triathlon NSW are now busy calculating the results from the last race and the Byron Tri Club will soon find out if they will be staying on top of the ladder! Our next interclub race 5 will be on home soil in Byron May 9th.

Results for the Sprint distance 750m swim, 23.5km cycle, 5km run include.

Duncan Andrews 1st 20-24M 1:07:55 3rd fastest time

Matt Tapping 2nd 16-17M 1:14:13

Huw Jones 1st 55-59M 1:18:30

Tom Phillips 5th 30-34M 1:18:38

Deb Fuller 1st 55-59F 1:27:09

Daniela Costa 1st 30-34F 1:28:43

Robyn Darke 3rd 55-59F 1:30:43

Sandra Killen 1st 60-64F 1:31:56 first sprint race

Peter Clarke 1st 70-74M 1:35:43

Nerida Clarke 2nd 65-69F 1:46:27

Enduro long course results for a 1.7km swim, 90km ride, 21km run

Paivi Hanninen 5th 35-39F 5:07:47

Giulia Scurria 3rd 25-29F 6:07:14 1st long course

Greg O'Meara 14th 55-59M 6:35:30 1st long course

Claire O'Meara 4th 55-59 6:42:40 1st long course

Georgina Inwood 19th 40-44F 6:45:26

Aquabike 1.7km swim and 90m cycle

Jessica Schaffer 2nd 30-34F 3:37:01


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