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A bit of Jamba at Yamba

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

04 Dec 2022

Great conditions for our 2nd race of the series at Yamba. The Sprint was the only event for consideration as points were up for grabs. Once again the Breakers shone and naturally Jaime didn’t disappoint finishing 3rd male. Congratulations to everyone involved including NX Sports who ran another brilliant event with the big boss away. Thanks to the Yamba community, volunteers and lastly to the Byron Vollie Supporters Inc - you’re special! We were sorry Margreet, Irvin, Benz & Will had to pull out. You were with us in spirit! Check out these amazing results

Jaime Cascajares 1st 35-39 1:05:45 Huw Jones 2nd 55-59 1:16:37 Mick Donnelly 4th 55-59 1:18:57 Nick Engerer 6th 35-39 1:20:08 Gracie Ritcher 1st 20-24 1:24:07 Deb Fuller 1st 60-64 1:24:13 Elize Strydom 4th 35-39 1:28:37 Robyn Darke 3rd 60-64 1:28:40 Christie Horsley 5th 40-45 1:29:43 Charlie Azzopardi 7th 60-64 1:32:26 Sandra Killen 3rd 65-69 1:35:54 Joana Sponsel 7th 30-34 1:45:54 Nerida Clarke 1st 70-74 1:47:07 Peter Clarke 1st 75-79 1:59:36

NOW for the real competition - TEN PIN BOWLING

Party time


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