Choose your pricing plan

Get in for all sessions or buy a 10 session pass

  • Casually Cool

    10 Session Pass. Come when you can.
    • 10 Coached Sessions
    • Use it for any coached sessions (within one season)
  • Gimme All - One Week

    Available for all the sessions this week? Let's go!
    Valid for one week
    • Tuesday 6:30am Run Session
    • Thursday 6:15am Bike-Run Brick Session
    • Friday 6:00am Swim Session
    • No Subscription - just for one week
  • Gimme All - On Going

    Every week
    Perfect for the consistent member.
    • Tuesday Run Session 6:30am
    • Thursday Brick Session 6:15am
    • Friday Swim Session 6:00am
    • Session Descriptions for all weekly sessions
    • Payment goes automatically weekly (cancel any time)

You can also join in for a single session with a casual $10 session fee (cash payment to the coach).

Session payments go straight to the club coach Päivi Hänninen (Paeivi Haenninen), trading as WMNS TRI (ABN 65321250566). Therefore you will see WMNS TRI as the recipient for the payment and a "payment to" will appear on your statement.

Then check the details for each session and RSVP for sessions in the Team App.

Note that you need to be a club member to join the sessions. Have a look how to join the club HERE or if you need any help CONTACT US here.